10 May ’15


Silverlake landmark, known as the “Bates Motel” was recently renovated to be a white-washed bacon of niceties by an artist. See if the painted trees…

1 May ’15

Queers Can’t Hear by Keith Banner

1 Leon is all over me at my place.  It’s cloudy October outside the halfway-pulled curtains. Only power lines and the sawed-off-shot-gun-looking treetops are visible. …

28 Apr ’15

The Adventures of Breasts by Marilyn Liu

Having a little brother doesn’t mean squat if you can’t perform experiments on him.  And so it was that I and my best friend, Jane…

24 Mar ’15

Ballenka by Susan Woodring

As a little girl, I often followed my father to the back of the store and down the thin-carpet steps to snoop among the mannequin…

20 Jan ’15

The Body Museum

Editor’s note: As part of our upcoming “Transhuman” issue, Black & Grey ventured into the minds of some up-and-coming young writers to ask them about…