10 May ’15


Silverlake landmark, known as the “Bates Motel” was recently renovated to be a white-washed bacon of niceties by an artist. See if the painted trees…

1 May ’15

Queers Can’t Hear by Keith Banner

1 Leon is all over me at my place.  It’s cloudy October outside the halfway-pulled curtains. Only power lines and the sawed-off-shot-gun-looking treetops are visible. …

28 Apr ’15

The Adventures of Breasts by Marilyn Liu

Having a little brother doesn’t mean squat if you can’t perform experiments on him.  And so it was that I and my best friend, Jane…

24 Mar ’15

Ballenka by Susan Woodring

As a little girl, I often followed my father to the back of the store and down the thin-carpet steps to snoop among the mannequin…

20 Jan ’15

The Body Museum

Editor’s note: As part of our upcoming “Transhuman” issue, Black & Grey ventured into the minds of some up-and-coming young writers to ask them about…

23 Sep ’14

Dirty Old New York

Everything comes from somewhere and everything turns in to something. NYC is the city that keeps moving as the creatives and industry batter itself in…