11 Jul ’14

Behind-The-Scenes: Michael Donovan’s DUNCAN’S RITUALS featuring DUNCAN TRUSSELL

NYC auteur-photographer Michael Donovan, right off assignment in Hawaii with the iconic Psychadelic spiritual teacher Ram Dass, stopped in Los Angeles to complete part 2 of his three part contribution to the SATORI issue of Black & Grey magazine. A fashion editorial that isn’t quite a fashion editorial, but absolutely delivers the “cult” of personality, featuring comedian and self-proclaimed “Chaos Magician”, Duncan Trussell, DUNCAN’S RITUALS is a wild-romp through the pedantic-arena of WHAT-EXACTLY-IS-GOING-ON-HERE?

Watch the video to see Michael Donovan team up with LA fashionistas Mynxii White and stylist Lisa Bae, Black & Grey founder and editor-in-chief Bil Brown, photographer/creative director Christopher Alvarez, hair-stylist Anna Estella Patterson, make-up artist Henry Vasquez and the talents of muse-worthy Ariel Beesley, Eliza Sys, and the gluten-free-freedom of Kelly Cunningham.

Advice on watching the video: don’t miss Duncan’s storytelling, just don’t! A real treat!! Oh and don’t expect commentary. There is none. What you see is exactly what happened.

See more at http://www.blackgreymag.com

Order the SATORI issue to see the results at http://blackgreymag.bigcartel.com