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23 Mar ’16


5 Mar ’16

A MUSE: Karyna K by Allen Henson

A Muse… …isn’t, or shouldn’t be a catch-phrase to solicit a good lay. Although the descriptor has been bludgeoned over the years for just that…

11 Jul ’14

Behind-The-Scenes: Michael Donovan’s DUNCAN’S RITUALS featuring DUNCAN TRUSSELL

NYC auteur-photographer Michael Donovan, right off assignment in Hawaii with the iconic Psychadelic spiritual teacher Ram Dass, stopped in Los Angeles to complete part 2…

6 May ’14


Continuing our #INFERNO issue online, Sr. Fashion Editor Mynxii White approached EIC Bil Brown with an idea that the prolific writer Kris Kidd would make…

28 Jan ’14

What Luxury Really is: Shopping for Quality or the Virtue in Supporting an Emerging Designer.

So I did a test. Maybe a crazy one, but a test nevertheless. I need a jacket, vest and maybe sunglasses and a tablet case.…

26 Jan ’14

“A Very Wearable Piece of Art” Haute Couture After The Shows

This CBC documentary is an exposé on the Haute Couture, who buys it and what it really is about. Often the shows are a preliminary…

31 Oct ’13

Check out the PREVIEW for Black & Grey magazine VOL 3 no 1 INFERNO NOW

INFERNO PREVIEW comes on the Old Gaelic holiday of SAMHAIN is the beginning of the third volume of fashion art and literature periodical Black &…

Bill Cunningham shot by Bil Brown
20 Sep ’13

Bill Cunningham sighting at Rodarte SS14 #NYFW

Black & Grey magazine, in the midst of covering Rodarte’s somewhat controversial departure from their normal “McQueen for Target” offerings into the realm of Los…

10 Feb ’12

MARIE with DEFENZ MECHANISM and AGONY by MATTHEW K. MAYES for Black and Grey magazine

Matt Mayes (Mojokiss) has been a staunt supporter and contributor to Black & Grey magazine since it’s inception in 2010. Based out of the Tampa…

28 Jan ’12

D’ARC with Nettie Harris styled by Gunnar Deatherage by Bil Brown and Shannon Dean

Nettie Harris, a dynamic model that has been featured on the cover of Journal magazine, shot by Terry Richardson, and MUSE shot by Ryan McGinley…