10 Feb ’12

SAMANTHA with Samantha Mills by Christopher Cooke for Black & Grey magazine

Photograher Christopher Cooke (UrbanDecayChris) shoots model Samantha Mills (Evolution mgmt) in this beautiful black and white intimate portrait.          

10 Feb ’12

MARIE with DEFENZ MECHANISM and AGONY by MATTHEW K. MAYES for Black and Grey magazine

Matt Mayes (Mojokiss) has been a staunt supporter and contributor to Black & Grey magazine since it’s inception in 2010. Based out of the Tampa…

28 Jan ’12

D’ARC with Nettie Harris styled by Gunnar Deatherage by Bil Brown and Shannon Dean

Nettie Harris, a dynamic model that has been featured on the cover of Journal magazine, shot by Terry Richardson, and MUSE shot by Ryan McGinley…