Media Kit 2013-2014

25 Aug ’12

Founded in 2010,  BLACK AND GREY MAGAZINE is the refined voice of the uniquely American cultural lens  bringing readers fashion, art, literature, philosophy, spirituality and irreverent ideas. Designed as the fusion of an avant-garde American poetry magazine and an irreverent anti-fashion zine. The goal for the magazine is to explore the American cultural influence with a literary intelligence and to package ideas and concepts of art in a printed book and supporting media. Giving rise to the artists and thinkers that have something to say about the culture they are part of and aren’t afraid to show where they come from.


BLACK AND GREY MAGAZINE is a well-schooled and aesthetically insightful lens through which to see the world.  A viewpoint with a low boredom threshold with breathtaking visual imagery and writers and thinkers that have distinct ideas and ask bold questions. A way of seeing and speaking that’s not merely content to inhabit the world but rather seeks to reinvent it.


BLACK AND GREY MAGAZINE’s vision is rooted in the strengths of the a North American sensibility in a mongrel multifaceted world. At the core of this is cutting-edge fashion art, editorial writing, visionary philosophy and visually stunning ideas.  With a unique mix of highbrow and lowbrow culture, its translation of heady cerebral concepts into slang and irreverent satire. Our antecedents are the Beat poets and we liberally reference movements of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. By what authority do we claim this? Our editorial body consists of direct lineage of the Beat Generation, Yippie movements, Punk provocateurs, spoken-word poets, as well as the Tumblr/Instagram artists, and fashion-cinema auteurs of now. A lineage of outriders and cultural outlaws.


The BLACK AND GREY MAGAZINE Reader can be found anywhere there is someone that is looking deeper. They a want to know culture, the process of making it, and want a direct engagement in the world-at-large. Our reader is looking for those like minds and know the badges that define them.


The contents of BLACK AND GREY MAGAZINE  are chosen with extra care to activate  something that can’t be ignored. Our readers have the experience of a magazine the way it should be. Each issue is a conversational nexus-point that continues to resonate beyond the print issue into the digital issue, and across media and live events. Sometimes controversial, always insightful, daring – enlightened.


Black & Grey magazine followers represent a wide range of creative individuals from photographers, producers, scouts, models and casting directors to those simply interested in the art and writing enclosed. They come to us for inspiration, new talent, to read a little, to get something different and the vision and in pursuit of the latest trends and interest of fashion, art, literature and photography. We have inadvertently launched the careers of talent and are frequently revisited. Our award-winning team continues to break new ground and develop new exciting relationships and our premise is to be seen and known and talked about. You never know who will be in the pages of Black & Grey magazine.

Some AMAZING statistics

In a short few years, Black & Grey magazine online has dominated it’s sphere of influence without even trying. At the peak of our viewership we have received:

Monthly Unique Visits: 360 000
Monthly Pageviews: 700 000

We have a 63% Female audience, 45% of our readers are between 18 and 35 years of age, 12.5% between 35 and 49. 80% of our readers have no kids, and 52% earn more than $60,000 per year. 48% of these earn more than $100k. In addition, 90% of our readership are college educated or greater.


We have an amazing assortment combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram – AND GROWING! IF we include the collaborators, working professionals, models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, writers, artists and other collaborators in our number – our reach is in hundreds of thousands!
If you are an interested business and want to know how to collaborate in the rise of an incredible project we have room for you.


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Art should be seen and known and talked about, and that is the premise I am working on. – Leo Wrye Zimmerman, Abstract Artist 1924-2008