5 Mar ’16

A MUSE: Karyna K by Allen Henson

A Muse…

…isn’t, or shouldn’t be a catch-phrase to solicit a good lay. Although the descriptor has been bludgeoned over the years for just that objective. I believe every model would like to be someone’s inspiration.

A good rapport between a photographer and subject is indispensable to creation. You can see in the images when it is good or non-existent. Technical aptitude can only take you so far. Most of the time I’ll shoot a model once, rarely twice; but a couple I keep going back to.  I must have shot Karyna twenty or so times since she came into the studio for a test two years ago; a number of campaigns and editorials.  She’s definitely favored. It’s just really good rapport, and never been in the least bit sexual.  It’s a different kind of thing altogether.

Not to knock sexual tensions, or passions or even indulgence present in other photographer / model exchanges. It definitely has a place and definitely has a compelling result.

Allen Henson

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.  Allen is a pure artist; A talented and creative photographer who, using his passion and unique vision, creates art that touches ones heart, penetrates soul and arouses ones forgotten feelings…
I’ve shot with Allen so many times! Which is very rarely happens in our industry, unless model and a photographer have a “special” relationship. I call our relationship a “different kind of art”. The moment we get together, we have this unlimited fountain of ideas that we would like to bring to life, express ourselves through photography and CREATE. Allen and I even don’t have to discuss anything, he just tells me “Ok, stand here, clean yourself up and let’s do that!” Then the magic begins. Body movements, directions, looks, lights, shades, shapes and “CLICK-CLICK-CLICK. We got it! So easy, organic and synergistic. I can wear an expensive dress or strip down naked, he will always transform my inner world into a piece of art that will touch one’s heart, penetrate soul and make one feel…feel emotions that we, people, hide in our daily lives behind our masks in order to be socially acceptable…

Karyna K


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