2 Mar ’17

Deconstructing Momma by Hayden Crews

  It was a good fight, and even though I won I got that restful feeling you get after a really good ass-kicking when your…

28 Feb ’17

Hem by Jessie van Eerden

People say     Just look at her hem coming down and no slip     black panties     You’d think she’d know better     talking about the only unwed mother…

6 Feb ’17

The Goat Trick by Lu Harper

Half man, half goat, I too have seen him: lurking about the train tracks and kicking empty boxes like kittens, or limping across the bottled…

2 Feb ’17

Turtles by Liu Yutang

1. On the morning Avram Codreu died, Parker took an early break, locked himself in the hospital storage room and cried. To see Codreu through…

10 Jul ’16

Run Little Girl Run by Sheryl Monks

Brother Harpy delivered serpents to their house, to her daddy, the minister of Lick Branch, who put them in the icebox so they’d grow sleepy…

26 Jun ’16

NuPig by Kil McCory

Of course, tick tock, tick tock, you only have so much time. There are bills to pay, errands to run, herpes to treat, and the…

29 May ’16

The Quilted Woman by Mitch James

The quilted woman was the first woman I saw nude. I was eight that summer, taking a shortcut through her yard on the way to…

5 Mar ’16

A MUSE: Karyna K by Allen Henson

A Muse… …isn’t, or shouldn’t be a catch-phrase to solicit a good lay. Although the descriptor has been bludgeoned over the years for just that…