Deconstructing Momma by Hayden Crews0

Deconstructing Momma by Hayden Crews

  It was a good fight, and even though I won I got that restful feeling you get after a really good ass-kicking when your body quits fighting and just lets everything be. Like you’re pudding — ...

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People's Climate March NYC0

People’s Climate March NYC

On September 21, 2014 the People’s Climate march started in front of the Natural History Museum and by account of the organizers had 310,000 people in attendance. Bil Brown met up with poet Anne Waldman at ...

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Dirty Old New York0

Dirty Old New York

Everything comes from somewhere and everything turns in to something. NYC is the city that keeps moving as the creatives and industry batter itself in twisters. Here’s a fun video to remind us of what it was and ...

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Silverlake landmark, known as the “Bates Motel” was recently renovated to be a white-washed bacon of niceties by an artist. See if the painted trees …

Queers Can't Hear by Keith Banner Comments

Queers Can’t Hear by Keith Banner

1 Leon is all over me at my place.  It’s cloudy October outside the halfway-pulled curtains. Only power lines and the sawed-off-shot-gun-looking treetops are visible.  …

Ballenka by Susan Woodring Comments

Ballenka by Susan Woodring

As a little girl, I often followed my father to the back of the store and down the thin-carpet steps to snoop among the mannequin …

The Body Museum Comments

The Body Museum

Editor’s note: As part of our upcoming “Transhuman” issue, Black & Grey ventured into the minds of some up-and-coming young writers to ask them about …